Clojure Cookbook has arrived

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Behold, the Clojure Cookbook Aardwolf!

Over the past year, the Clojure community came together to write a wondrous tome chock full of their collective knowledge. At over 70 contributors, 1600 commits and nearly 200 recipes, this is something special, folks.

Clojure's very own crowd-sourced cookbook, Clojure Cookbook, is available now.

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The Book

Clojure Cookbook marks Clojure's entry in O'Reilly's prestigious Cookbook Series.

The book contains hundreds of real-world problems and solutions, ranging from basic utilities to rich web services to heavy data processing.


O'Reilly will sell Clojure Cookbook in physical form, and will also make it available as an ebook (in multiple formats-coming soon)

All example problems and solutions are also readily available on GitHub, including those contributions that didn't make it into the final published version—All freely redistributable under a Creative Commons license.

Community Built

The full text and example code of the book are publicly hosted on GitHub and we accept contributions via pull request.

The Authors

Luke VanderHart and Ryan Neufeld will collect and edit contributions, selecting appropriate samples for the final print edition and writing contributions of their own.

Luke is a veteran Clojure developer, conference speaker and trainer, and the co-author (with Stuart Sierra) of Practical Clojure (Apress 2010) and ClojureScript: Up and Running (O'Reilly 2012).

Ryan is an experienced Clojure Developer and community manager of the Pedestal framework. Ryan was a speaker at last year's Clojure/West where he spoke on Editing Clojure in Emacs.

Both are consultants at Cognitect where they use Clojure every day to solve their clients' problems.